Sunday, 24 October 2010

A bit on the side...board?

Forgive the terrible title, it's difficult to come up with a witty and interesting sentence including the word 'sideboard'...

The sideboard in question is my new favourite thing, and is destined for the new shop at Abington Square in Northampton. I spotted it a week ago but didn't buy it - by a stroke of luck it was still for sale yesterday and now it's mine!
There's no makers information on it (although I haven't seen the back or underneath of it yet so who knows?), but it's been beautifully made - none of that nasty chipboard stuff or mdf in sight! Inside the flap-down section is another shelf and I think it'd make a perfect cocktail cabinet, although the flap could be used to put a laptop on so it'd also be good for a home office - plenty of storage for paperwork and files!
I'm hoping to get over to the new shop this week and get a head start on things - I've got a very retro green paint to go on the back wall of my space and I've got to figure out a way to get my enormo mirrorball hung up from a ceiling I don't think I can screw hooks in to - eek!

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